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SAMPLER 54 PADS - Senseo Compatible pads

New Out Of Stock SAMPLER 54 PADS - Senseo Compatible pads

Each bag includes 18 Espresso pads

These pods are compatible with Senseo® style coffee machines.

Drink size: Best for Demitasse size

The sampler includes:

18 pads of CLASSICO: A rich coffee, with a creamy flavor. A rounded and full-bodied daily experience. Great also to make creamy cappuccino and lattes.  

18 pads of CREMOSO: This coffee has a pleasurable flavor and intense body. It is an excellent choice for everyday coffee and it is adored by all coffee lovers. 

18 pads of VIGOROSO: A coffee with a perfect balance between intense aroma and strong taste. One that is hard to forget! 

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Best before: Usually at least 8+ months. If less it will be specified in the description tab

Ingredients: Roasted gorund coffee packaged in a modified atmosphere, in a single-serve capsule

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  • Brand: Italian Coffee
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Sampler 54 Pads, 3 blends Sampler 54 Pads, 3 blends

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